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Input frequency: 146.400 Mhz
Output frequency: 147.435 MHz
PL: 103.5 hz

Indiana 435 - NEW WEBSITE URL!!!! WWW.W2IBC.US
W2IBC Repeater Live Audio

435 IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT...N6BHU Repeater...Far Out Man!
N6BHU 147.435 Repeater Los Angeles, California
N6BHU 147.435 Repeater Live Audio

W6NUT 147.450 W6NUT 147.450 Repeater Los Angeles, California
W6NUT Repeater Live Audio

Read About Community Standards, and Amateur Radio Free Speech

The return of Teamspeak:
Download from
And connect to 'sj01.gamespeak.com:9175
Valid licensees only, please!

435/450 IRC CHAT! Sign-in with your callsign or anonymously All welcome: dickcandles.com

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